Fill those Summer months with fun & Learning!! We are offering a three month subscription packed with great learning activivities. Here's the line up:


June- "Away We Go"- this box is packed with activites you can take on your next trip!!  It even comes with a box to transport it all in. INCLUDES:

  • United States Map with Landmark stickers-Learn all about the US with this fun sticker activity. 
  • Wooden car with road tape- Paint your car and take it on the go!  learn about road signs with fun stickers.
  • Travel "I spy"- Find all the fun images and fill them in with Wikki Stix.
  • Fun with tape - Colorful tape and license plate activity card, sure to help pass the time!
  • Passport with Stamp Stickers- Plan your dream vacation! Complete with writing & drawing prompts.

* This box is guaranteed to delay the statement "Are we there yet?"


July-"Build It-3D" -This box is pure STEAM! So much brain power will be used!  INCLUDES:

  • 3D Washington Monument-Make a real life replica of an historic landmark!
  • STEAM Robot-All the pieces to make your own one of a kind robot!
  • Recycled plastic straw mazes-complete with patterns to follow and clay to make a ball .
  • Summer Pinwheel-learn to make this fun project and disover the power of wind.


August-"Space"-This box is Out of this World Fun!  INCLUDES:

  • Lunar Landing-Learn how craters are formed while making a moon complete with astronaut!
  • Space Shuttle-Make your very own space shuttle! complete with USA stickers and string to make it fly!
  • Constellation Building Cards-Use pipe cleaners and glow in the dark beads to make constellations.  Great for fine motor skills.
  • Galaxy Painting + bonus Earth Project- Paint a galaxy and add all the planets. Use a dropper and markers to magically create planet earth!

Summer Fun Pack ( one-time purchase or 3 month subscription available (ages 3-8)

Price Options
One-time purchase
Summer Fun Pack
Automatically cancels in August
$35.00monthly/ 3 months
Monthly Art Box
Get art every month! Cancel anytime
$32.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • When purchased as a three month subscription you pay for three consecutive months.  It will not auto-renew after the 3rd box. You save $15 this way!!