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Why Subscribe to a Kids Art Box?

Time is precious

As a Mom, teacher and artist I’ve asked myself this question; would I buy a kids art box if my kids were little? The answer is yes! The reason is simple… time. Even though many of us have the skill set to come up with ideas for kids projects, we don't always have the time. Life is busy when kids are young. You can spend quality time with your kids when all the planning is done for you. Art is an easy way to bond with children while exposing them to different avenues to express themselves and learn. No more pinning on Pinterest in the hopes of getting to the projects one day! Our boxes are guilt free! Step by step instructions are included and kids can work at their own pace without the frustration of time limits.

We do all the planning With a Front Porch Art box we do all the planning, designing, and kid testing so you and your child can just enjoy the process. All the materials are included so you don’t need to run to the craft store, saving time! Let our experience work for you. Do you ever sneak greens into your kids' foods? Like putting zucchini in muffins. Carrots in cupcakes? We do that with our art projects. Kids are learning how to communicate, think, test, count, spell and understand what they're capable of. As educators, we understand how to incorporate these important skills into fun, age appropriate activities.

Quality time and materials
We’ve taken the guesswork out by including step by step instructions. Also allowing freedom for your child to go their own way, investigate, test, try something new. Our YouTube channel Front Porch Art Kits with video instruction allows kids to work on their own if they choose to, independence is a wonderful thing! We only use quality art materials, Crayola, Strathmore paper, non-toxic paints, artist paint brushes and more. It’s important for children to know their artwork is worthy of good supplies and creates an opportunity to teach children to take care of their art supplies.
Exposure to new materials and ideas
It’s hard as parents to keep coming up with new ideas and ways to entertain our kids. Front Porch Art box themes change monthly exposing kids to a vast array of topics covering learning about artists, techniques, STEAM projects, building, language, writing and creative thinking. It’s so important to expose children to art as it encourages exploration, self-expression, logical thinking, self-esteem, imagination and creativity!

In the end it’s fun and something kids enjoy!

“Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves, and to explore what is possible.” MaryAnn F. Kohl