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OOPS! I Made A Mistake

Learn to embrace mistakes, they are a time for growth. Crooked lines, eyes that don’t line up, noses where eyes should get the idea. Does it matter? Nope. The child who does their own artwork will get better. The child who has someone draw for them or correct what they have made, will learn the only way to get their picture to look good is to have someone do it for them. Children learn by doing and part of ‘the doing’ is learning to make mistakes. With art, there is rarely a true mistake, particularly with young children it’s all about the process.

I had an Art teacher that said, “there are no mistakes, just an opportunity to do something different.” It really changed the way I viewed art. Mistakes can also create a learning opportunity for a child. If a child does not like something they have made, ask them, what can you do to change it? Paint on top of it, cover it with paper etc… let them figure out how to fix it. Working through challenges in art can have a positive impact on a child’s ability to work through many other problems. Knowing they have choices and the ability to make changes themselves boosts self confidence!
The best art & craft kits for kids allow for creativity and a chance for children to explore art without worrying about making mistakes. It’s a time to experiment with different art materials and see what they can do with them. The possibilities are endless, especially in the hands of a child!
If you have a child who struggles with overcoming mistakes, I have a great book recommendation, called “Beautiful Oops!”

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