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New Subscription Benefits!

We are so excited to be offering more options for our customers.  Customers can now create an account where they can change their subscription at any time. Going out of town for the summer and want to pause your subscription? No problem! Other benefits include-

  • One project per month for $15.00! Projects will rotate and cover a range of topics (science, art, mixed media etc..)
  • 3 month subscriptions for those months when you have more time for projects. The summer months and winter months!  We currently have a summer subscription to keep kids learning and creating. We have a winter subscription (Dec-Feb) in the works!
  • All of our projects are theme based and designed to build important skills to help children succeed in life. We list skill building areas for each project.
  • We carefully curate each project so you are getting something you can’t find anywhere else! We do all the research, fine tuning and testing so you and your child can just spend time creating & learning!
  • We have sibling add ons making it easy for families to include all the kids!
  • Always free shipping for subscriptions.
  • FREE portfolio to keep artwork organized! (while supplies last)
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