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3 things kids can make with leftover kit supplies (or things around the house)

Cardboard - we all have boxes around and they make great backdrops for creative projects. Protect the work area with newspaper or better yet, packing paper that came in said box, and let imaginations roam using paint, markers, or crayons to turn it into something magical. Our Front Porch Art kit boxes make great containers for little dioramas. Have your child make a new habitat for their own figurines.

2. Save scrap paper or even junk mail for scissors work. Cutting with scissors develops the fine motor skills and strength needed for handwriting. Funny story, my uncle once cut up a favorite book about hens. When my Grandma asked why he did it, he replied "I'm making chicken salad!"

3. Make texture rubbings with crayons. You used the penguin crayon in our January box to make snowflake rubbings. Grab a crayon and some scrap paper, even a paper grocery bag, and see how many textures your child can 'find' around the house. Use the side of an unwrapped crayon for the best results.

Have fun and enjoy the process!