About Us

We started out as a mission. We wanted to use our skills as Art teachers to help local families during the health crisis. So we created art kits for our neighborhood kids to pick up from our front porches. Kids loved them and parents had one less thing to plan.  It was a win-win!  It developed into what we now call Front Porch Art.  Available to all in our monthly art subscription!

Our Mission

Making the world a better place, one little artist at a time.  Each box is packed with everything you and your child need to take a creative journey together. We have carefully created projects intended to foster a love for art, encourage early writing, introduce basic math and dabble in science.  All of this while having fun!

Meet the team


Julie Wittich

I've guided children in many capacities (think room Mom, team Mom, artsy Mom) taught Preschool for a few years and currently have an Etsy card shop!  I love to create paper crafts and writing keepsakes. I have so many inspiring ideas that I cannot wait to  share with you each month!


Terri Carley

I've worked with children for many years as an Art teacher and a Preschool teacher. I have a college background in fine arts and believe there is an artist in every child!  I love to look outdoors for art inspiration! I am excited to share art history with you, while creating our own new masterpieces. | 123-456-7890 | 123-456-7890 | 123-456-7890

“I'm really proud of my son, he worked independently for 45 minutes! He did the whole art project himself, including color mixing. Thanks for a stellar activity.”

— Mike’s mom

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