Art Subscription Box 

filled with fun ways

to learn!

We package each box to bring everything you need to be creative right to your front door.  All you have to do is open the box and get started!

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Each box includes four projects which are designed to improve fine motor skills,  enhance creativity, encourage critical thinking and so much more!

What's in our kits

Each monthly box includes materials, written instructions, weekly on-line tutorials, tips for parents and everything your child needs to spark their creativity!

Feature Artist 

Kids will make a masterpiece inspired by a famous artist or learn a new art technique. Examples include, Monet, Andy Warhol and Matisse, We will explore watercolor. tempera and pastel painting. Working with clay, model magic and other mediums will also be discovered!

Creative card & journaling

Kids will create unique greeting cards or enjoy fun journaling activities.  All the pieces to make fun cards to share with loved ones, along with writing prompts to develop early writing skills. Nature journal, postcards, about me cards and pen pal pages will be created.

Recycled Project

Each month kids will use everyday items & trash to create wonderful art pieces. Your child will be inspired while doing there little part to help our planet. Cardboard flags, frogs, binoculars, school buses and instruments are just some of the creations we will make!

Surprise   Art

Kids Love surprises! Each month we will explore new materials covering a wide range of projects.  Creating with  texture, fabrics, mosaics, printmaking, collages and other mixed media.  End result is having fun while learning something new!

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